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August 05, 2014

Bridal Shower

I had a great time at my bridal party Friday night. Many of the ladies came out to celebrate with me. We had a short devotional with words of advice to keep my marriage together.....afterwards we enjoyed some fellowship with fun games and food.

I especially loved how the decoration turned out....Do you?

July 15, 2014

A Day in Gettysburg

The week before I headed back to Germany I visited some family in Maryland I hadn't seen in 20 years. It was fun getting reacquainted again. While we were there my dad, step-mom & I did some touristy things......

The first thing was a trip to Gettysburg.

And I sure had a great time! First we watched a 20 minute movie about the civil war and how Gettysburg played a role in the war, after that we saw the Cyclorama....what an impressive painting!! Not only could you look at it but they gave the history of the painting and told the story about the 3 day war with sound effects and pointing out different scenes in the painting. When we were done we took a bus tour showing us the battle grounds. We ended the history filled day with a visit to the museum....I learned so much I forgot most of it! ☺

Have you been to Gettysburg? How did you enjoy it? What did you get to see!?

July 12, 2014

My Stay in Tennessee

Hi Chirps,

I know, one normally say peeps....and that would match my Birdhouse blog but it's so overused by none birdy I thought chirps would work....

Anyway, I was in Tennessee for around 2 months. A long time visiting....I know! It was a good visit though. Of course being with Patrick every single day is just plainly WONDERFUL....would be bad if I thought so otherwise since we are getting married soon!

During my 2 months there I really got to know Patrick's family. I stayed with them the entire time and helped them move...twice. It's a long story.... let's just say they kept me busy. ☺ They felt so bad about it though and I just said "What a better way to get to know your new family than being in the middle of stress and seeing everything they own!!" ☺

So other than moving I got to do a few things here and there, like.....

My Honey & two of his brothers played live at a Homestead Fair

We visited the "Christmas Tree Lady" She has like 20+ Christmas trees in her house.

Visiting the Rain Forrest Cafe for the first time....what an experience!!
Celebrating Independence Day in Kentucky at a Camp Meeting!!
English Contra Dance was sooo much fun and my honey was part of the live music.
Just having fun with the Hon!! ☺
Enjoying hot summer days
And lastly I got to be a part of Cornerstone Baptist Church's famous Music School!

Can't believe I condensed 2 whole months into one single post but here it is! It was a crazy busy time but I enjoyed every minute of it. During this time I not only got to know my new family but many of Patrick's friends & acquaintances became my friends too.

So tell me....what have you been up too? When I don't blog I don't here from ya'll either!!

July 02, 2014

Free July Desktop Backgrounds

It's July? Already? I cannot believe my birthday month is already over....but only 46 days until my wedding.

I know the word "July" is spelled wrong....I honestly do not know why but it was created wrong by the people I got the kit from. Oh well....

This month we have one patriotic design in honor of Independence day...for my US friends. The other is a simple nature background. 

Which one are you choosing this month? Maybe you can do one for the first half and the other the second half of the month. ☺

June 23, 2014

Wedding Website

Check out Patrick and my wedding website and stay informed with everything wedding related going on!
If you are interested in contributing towards our wedding you can check out our registry....anything from $5-200! :)

Thank you wonderful readers!

June 18, 2014

My Birthday in Pictures

My first birthday away from home I decided to try that project of taking a picture every hour....documenting everything I did on my special birthday. I took a few extras....

All pictures were done with my phone.
Reading my birthday Psalm
Excited! +outfit picture
My toes match my outfit!
Quick breakfast.... Marshmellow Matys my dad bought me
Working on a list for what I need for the wedding....
Quick run to wal mart.....
Moving a load to the new house.....
The backyard at the new house
Working on my wedding website....
Who will be our groomsmen
Getting freshened up for church
Birthday dinner....
Going to church....
Getting icecream for the birthday cake and stopping in the toy section with my honey...
Finally bed time again.....the end of my birthday

Birthdays are a semi big deal at our house....we always try make the birthday kid feel special, decorating the table, having their favorite foods....and of course sing to them at 12 AM on their birthday. It was the first time I was away from home.....and not to have a birthday celebration of some kind. This photo project was a lot of fun and I know I will be doing it again.

How do you celebrate birthdays at your home?